2016.12 CET4英语四级翻译答案及点评(黄色,文都)


Part Ⅳ Translation (30 minutes)
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese to English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.


In Chinese culture, yellow is an important color because of its unique symbolic meaning. In feudal society, it symbolizes the rulers’ power and authority. At that time, yellow was designed to use for the emperor—the royal palace was painted yellow and the imperial robe was always yellow too. However, the ordinary people were not allowed to wear yellow clothes. In China, yellow also signifies harvest. The fields grow golden yellow in autumn when the crops mature. People celebrate the harvest cheerfully.

1. 注意用词多样化,相同意思的词采用不同的英文单词,避免重复,如:本题中“象征”就分别用了symbolize和signify两个词。
2. 注意句式多样化,多采用一些关联词,如:because of, at that time, however等词的使用,可以让译文更地道。
3. 意译与直译相结合,首先要保证译文忠于原文,不要一味追求辞藻华丽。

最近几年,有关中国特色或传统文化的题目一直热度不减。去年的翻译真题就考过“汉语演讲比赛”Chinese speech contest,“中国式家庭教育”Chinese family education,“丽江古镇” the Old Town of Lijiang等话题。今年再次考到中国文化中“黄色的象征”,下面文都老师带大家一起来看一下这篇翻译中的要点!

要点1:黄颜色是一种很重要的颜色yellow is an important color, 相信这句大家都能译的出来,不过要注意:“黄颜色”不需要写yellow color,因为yellow本来就是黄色,你懂得!

要点2:它具有独特的象征意义which carries a unique symbolic meaning.

要点3:它象征着统治者的权利和权威It embodies rulers’ power and authority。此处,统治者可以接受的译法还有:governor,dominator都是可以的。象征还可以写成symbolize, represent。

要点4:皇家宫殿全都漆成黄色royal palaces were painted with yellow。皇家宫殿royal palaces,皇帝emperor,黄袍imperial robes。

要点5:普通老百姓是禁止穿黄色衣服的average people were not allowed to wear yellow clothes,禁止还可以用:ban,forbid。

要点6:秋天庄稼成熟时,田野变得一片金黄When crops are ripe in Fall, the farmlands become a piece of golden yellow。“一片金黄”a piece of golden yellow这个译法是最完美的。


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