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2008年12月全国大学英语四级考试 —— 答案


How to improve psychological health?

As is known to all, psychological health is as important as, if not more important than, physical health for a student during his/her growth. However, it's quite worrying that nowadays some students are not quite psychologically healthy.
Undoubtedly, schools and universities should take great account in the responsibilities of students' psychological health. Relevant courses and activities should be introduced to students so that they would be more aware of the significance of psychological health and find appropriate ways to maintain and improve it. For example, there should be a psychological counseling hotline or office for students to turn to when they need some psychological aid.
Of course no psychological health can be obtained without the efforts from the students themselves. From my perspective, what they can do is trying to stay positive, optimistic and follow the right guidelines from their schools. To be more specific, they can participate in some activities such as voluntary work to cultivate an opening and caring mind. Meanwhile, harmful impacts from the cyber space should definitely be avoided.

Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

1. A make an apology. 对应原文第7行 I thought she was coming over to apologise
2. D It’s possible for one to get into lots of trouble 对应原文第10行 Dealing with other people’s children has become a minefield,其中minefield指的是雷区,表明比较难于处理的问题
3. B hurt 对应原文第一页倒数第10行then that’s somehow a criticism of me
4. A Talk to them directly in a mild way. 对应原文第一页倒数第6行 usually a quiet reminder that “we don’t do that here” is enough.
5. C people are reluctant to point out kid’s wrongdoings. 此题难度较大,需要阅读中跳跃的范围较大,要直接跳到原文第二页的第10行 For Andrew Fuller, the child-centric nature of our society has affected everyone, “The rules are different now from when today’s parents were growing up.
6. B It’s difficult to create a code of conduct. 对应原文第二页第16行
7. D They’d put the blame on their kids 对应原文第二页20行 “I got into trouble”, and dad said, “ You probably deserved it.”
8. challenged
9. can be proud of
10. stay silent

Part III Listening Comprehension

11. D. She has lost contact with most of her friends
12. A. A painter
13. C. Make inquiries elsewhere
14. C. He has gained some weight lately
15. D he doesn’t like abstract paintings
16. B she may have put her notebook amid the journals
17. A she wants to get some sleep
18. B his chance of getting the job is slim
19. A. he can manage his time more flexibly
20. D. searching the website
21 D. to utilize its retired employees’ resources
22. C. See a piece of property
23. B It is a small one with a two –bedroom house
24. C. it may not be big enough for raising corn
25. A. Finance
26. A. to introduce the chief of the city’s police force
27. D he holds a master’s degree in criminology
28. B. to get police officers closer to the local people
29. C. effective
30 .B. there are numerous languages in existence
31. C it is something we are born with
32. D how children learn to use language
33. B she was an engineer
34. C. adjusting them to different audience
35. A whether spacemen carry weapons
36. trend
37. phenomenon
38 scene
39 offences
40 murder
41 particularly
42 explosion
43 Associated
44. changing national boarders, greater economic growth and the lack of accepted social ideas of right and wrong
45. are now facing the sort of cultural variety that has been accompanied Americans for most of its history.
46. failure to recognize and plan for diversity can lead to serious crime problems.

Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)

47. F) derive
48. K) naturally
49. H) escape
50. G) diversity
51. N) respect
52. I) establishing
53. B) characters
54. A) abundant
55. O) widen
56. M) Properly

Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)


65.A 销售员的礼貌
66.C 直接把他们的不满告诉商店经理

Part V Cloze

67. A) among
68. D) sponsor
69. A) access
70. B) less
71. D) lack
72. C) fees
73. B) as
74. A) maintain
75. B) first
76. D) when
77. A) realized
78. C) strongly
79. D) led
80. C) particular
81. B) environment
82. A) encouraging
83. D) at
84. B) how
85. C) produce
86. A) growing

Part VI Translation (5 minutes)

87. to which they still have no answers today.
88. what most parents are concerned about.
89. in case of temperature drop.
90. decided to start their own business.
91. until a doctor found it by chance.



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